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ultra hard grinding material-1

Grinding tool which is made by the ultra hard grinding material, its superiority mainly show in the following several aspects:

(1) hardness degree decide the performance of  the grinding material. The ultra hard grinding material itself has the extremely high degree of hardness, therefore could process all kinds of high hardness material, especially those the ordinary grinding material difficult to process. For example, use the diamond grinding tool to process the hard alloy as well as the ceramics, the agate, the optical glass, the semiconducting material, the stone material, the concretes and so on nonmetallic material and the non-ferrous metal and so on; use the cubic boron nitride grinding tool to Process the tool steel, the molding tool steel, the stainless steel, the heat-resisting alloy and so on, especially to processes high vanadium high-speed steel, may obtain satisfied processing effect.

(2)ultra hard grinding material grinding tool's attrition are few, the use cycle is long, under the reasonable use, may obtain the good economic effect, especially to uses the material which the ordinary grinding compound processes with difficulty, the economic effect is better.

ultra hard grinding compound grinding tool's shape and the size change in the use is extremely slowly, and it is advantageous in the grinding operation, in the processing it does not need to replace the grinding wheel frequently, may save the man-hour greatly, is suitable in processes the high accuracy components from the generatrix. The ultra hard grinding compound grinding tool need very little repairs and maintains in the use, certain resin cement ultra hard grinding compound grinding tool even do not need to repair and maintain, thus it improve the work condition greatly.