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Renovation for stone material-2


Renovation for stone material, there are many method, it is depend on the stone material type. Before the choice of renovation plan, must know very clearly about the character for each kind of stone material, including its essence, the density and the corrode resistance, after having the clear understanding, then may decide that correct appropriate renovation plan.

Take two recent renovation for the granite walls of the projects, the first engineering company, use the high-pressured sand the method to clean the outer wall, and the other company used the chemical agent to renovate, but the effect of these two project are all not satisfactory, the reasons is that the two teams do not know the structure of granite very well, for example, as foreign cleaning companies,  Because of all the ancient buildings in Europe are based on limestone, marble, sand stone, they have never done granite outer wall project, so the wall after renovation could not achieve the desired results.