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Machine polish-1


merit for Machine polish:

The polish uniformity is good, the different size product could disrupt the order during installment , has the very good interchangeability; The polish line does not have the wave, surface is smooth, line is straight;

When polish the revolution class product, the round radian is good, the luminosity is high and the efficiency is high;

Reduces the labor intensity in the polish operation;

Improve polish working conditions;
Suitable for the production-line;

Shortcoming for Machine polish:

The initial investment is high, needs a certain quantity of equipment, the working area, the formation emery wheel;

Lacks certain flexibility, only suits the mass production;

Must manufacture the corresponding formation cutting tool according to the different line type, moreover the cutting tool from the rough grinding, the fine grinding, polishing and so on a series of emery wheels is indispensable;

When polish narrow line it is easy to break

the formation wheel used for Polish must produced by the specialized factory, moreover the round wheel the accuracy requirement is very high;

The polish line’s luminosity is not very high, the line surface will have a faint trace of polish affect the product appearance, this is the biggest shortcoming in the machine polish for line, also will be the difficult problem which will wait for solving;

Not suitable to polish the stone which is easy broken.