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Machine polish-2


Polish step, procedure:

Inspect the product shape meet the requirement, after the qualified, may enter the polish working procedure;

Before polishing, check the material situation and making up stone glue, and then polish the single unit, draw line and do the rough grinding first, when do the rough grinding keeps 0.5MM for the fine grinding and the levigation;

Splicing: splice the polish line according to the installation diagram, and mixes according to the line surface's color choice, guarantees the color, the pattern to be good effect. After line #500 polish, unifies the serial number firstly according to the installation diagram, then disassembles to polish, thus it will not create concave and convex in the connection place ;

When the connection place has the dislocation, the transition section of the polished should lengthen the distance, longer is better, and when polish, inspect the straight line by the ruler;

After polish the line, inspect the product is qualified, then the goods could be sent.