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Stone Top Renovation -1


Along with technical development and progress, high-quality stone material construction and decoration already not the patented article belong to ruler and aristocrat. Today, the natural stone material has become the widespread use for the construction finishing materials, besides it is firmly durable, its unique gloss, the color and the texture may increase magnificence and the noble makings of the building, therefore the guesthouse, the hotel, the market, the office, the recreation center, the airport, the underground station, the train station and so on use the natural stone material to pave the ground, to decorate the wall and the staircase.

Although natural stone material  is firm and durable, but still but still natural weathering and aging, stone on the ground and the stairs because of friction and damage will lose their value. Therefore, the stone face maintenance already became the estate management, became the compulsory course for maintain cleanliness specialists.

Spain is rich in the high-quality stone material, the long history causes the Spain become the leader in this profession to exploit stone material mining, cutting, polishing, the maintenance technology.

today, we specially write this article about the Spain's stone facing maintenance technology, combine the domestic actual situation, sincerely gives to each administrative personnels and the specialists as reference.

Natural stone material characteristic

The natural stone material has great variety, the literature record until now surpasses 1000 kinds, but each kind of stone material respectively has the special characteristic, even it is the same kind of stone, it exist difference between the same stone come from different area. Although it is said so, we still might divides into the mica and the granite two big types, according to the chemical composition and the crystal structure.