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Stone Top Renovation -2


    1. micas

The natural mica belongs to the metamorphic rock, the essential component is the calcium carbonate, formed in the ancient diastrophism. The ore bedseam containing the rich calcium carbonate was transferred to the deep underground, in high temperature, high-pressured and under the ground water function forms the crystal and gets together closely, then it come into being. Because in the process mixes in the different component the mineral substance, like copper, magnesium, aluminum, silicon and so on, they have special characteristic seperately, also because of includeing the different ingredient metal, like iron, copper, nickel, chromium and so on, it looks gorgeous.

The mica crystal is compact, high compressive strength (100-200MPa), but the hardness is not high (S.H40-50), therefore not wearable, if does not make the regular reasonable maintenance, very easy to get aging. At present the best method is crystal hard processing.

if want to divide the mica strictly according to the area, may divide into the micrite mica and the grain crystal mica categories.

A, micrite mica

This kind of mica main body major part gets together closely by the tiny calcium carbonate crystal, other ingredients are very few, even if has, is also forms the micrite and unifies evenly in the main body, therefore, the naked eye cannot see any crystal grain nearly. while the texture and the color permeated into mostly appear clear and straight, forms the rule design.

The major part precious mica come out from the series, the micrite mica will undergo the careful polish as well as high quality crystal hard processing, glossiness may reach to 100 above degrees.  Shi Dr. the MP-3 mica crystal hard powder is high quality and specially developed and prepared for for the micrite mica.

B. common micrite mica

Jazz white, emperador dark, black marquina.

C, grain crystal mica

This kind of mica still take the calcium carbonate as a main body, but will have many silicon, the magnesium ingredient, and will form the big granular crystal, the naked eye can also see clearly, the color along the crystal crack seepage, will interlock tangled up, appear and disappear from time to time, often become a piece of a nature art

Grain crystal mica's hardness is generally higher than the micrite mica, is more wear-resisting, but glossiness slightly lower compared to the micrite mica, after the careful polish and high quality crystal hard processing, glossiness may reach to 70-90 degrees. The grain crystal mica should pay attention to maintenance, otherwise the superficial crystal grain will falls off and forms the obvious concave-convex surface. Shi Dr. MP-1 suits this kind of mica most.

D. common Grain crystal mica

Chinese white jade, crema marfil, cloud grey, brazil rose red, ink jade

Special attention:

The construction industry often integrates some sandy sedimetary rock in the mica category, but stands in the estate management and the maintenance point of view they should be classified as granite. Because the sandy sedimentary rock contains more quartz and silicate compounds, its physical and chemical characteristics are close to the granite, it should be a way to granite maintenance.

In general it is not difficult to sandy sedimentary rocks, after polishing, you can see a clear quartz crystal (transparent and shiny), with the exception of special varieties of dense, the general could see the pores between the crystals. Due to the structure of sparse, low gloss.

Common sandy sedimetary rock: Crystal white, white sand stone, wood vein red, china big flower green