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Stone Top Renovation -3

Natural granite rocks are igneous rocks, the main ingredient is silica, the weight of a mixture of sodium, potassium, aluminum, magnesium oxide, when the lava cooled when under high temperature and high pressure to form their own independent crystal, but also closely polymerization become crystalline rocks.

The granite crystal is thick and is compact, the compressive strength is very high (120-300MPa), hardness is high (S.H75-110), high quality granite after careful polish and crystal hard processing, glossiness may reach to 110-120 degrees. It is the high-level construction finishing materials.  

Because granite containing iron, copper, chromium, manganese, carbon and other elements which show gorgeous colors. At the same time, some metal compounds can improve the abrasion resistance of granite, in the arrangements for the granite  renovation work, if the granite colors are dark red, dark green, dark brown color, have to be careful  in calculation of working hours and materials expenditure Otherwise, it may lost the budget.

Although the granite the structure is compact, water-absorptivity low (0.l%-0.7%), but the granite belongs to the acid rock, hydrophilic, water molecules could penetrate through the pores of the crystal-gap, so there is groundwater or has used a lot of water to wash the the granite, the junction between stone and stone where there will be clear water marks, so the granite ground floor cleaning usually had better to use the automatic machines, so to reduce the water stays on the ground.

The granite, comes from the granite rock, after polish still unavoidably have the small quantity of hemp spot and indents, in the granite structure, the silicon dioxide forms the quartz crystal, other ingredients form the feldspar crystal and the mica crystal, the quartz are hard, the feldspar is slightly soft, but the mica belongs to the tabular crystal, with slightly friction it will cause the hemp spot which can fall off forms indents, therefore the granite mica ingredient are many and the mica crystal grain affects its value. The granite may induce into the grain of crystal granite and the cotton crystal granite.

A, grain crystal granite

This kind of granite is from the rock magma core part, cools slowly under the high temperature high pressure's environment and come into being. The grain crystal granite's quartz, feldspar, mica crystal distribute evenly, present luminescent spot on the stone facing orderly, even solar flare. If the mica crystal is thick, then hemp spot is obvious. Grain crystal granite the hardness is high, after careful polish and high quality crystal hard processing, the smooth like mirror, sparkles under the even tone, is particularly majestic, is magnificent and expensive.

The grain crystal granite's quartz crystal is hard, but the feldspar crystal is soft, in addition has the hemp spot, if do not have the reasonable maintenance, very quick will become uneven, and even turned into hemp stone, simply a wasteful of nature's products. At present the best maintenance way is spar processing. Common grain crystal granite: the Indian red, Sicuan red, the tan brown, black galaxy.

B, cotton crystal granite

This kind of granite is from the rock magma outer layer, in the high temperature high pressure and under the ground water environment, cool slowly come into being. Because has the ground water, therefore the dioxide forms the extension cotton wool shape quartz crystal, strophism distributes in other crystals. At the same time, element like iron, copper, chromium, manganese, carbon compound and so on have been possible to permeate between the crystal, forms color and texture appear and disappear from time to time and changing colors, enabled the cotton wool crystal granite have both the granite hardness and the mica color, it becomes the high-level construction decoration stone material.

The cotton crystal granite also has a character, after the careful polish the stone surface will present the tiny dimple shape, clear concave, this cause it looks bright  from some distance and a slightly hazy from nearby, after treatment by spar , gives a romantic atmosphere. The cotton crystal granite's quartz distributes non-uniform, quartz with less spots will be easier to wear, if no reasonable maintenance, the stone surface will very quick turned to the anomalous wave shape, it will be a pity. At present the best maintenance way is crystal hard processing.

Common cotton crystal granite: wave white stone, tiger yellow, multicolor red etc.