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not all floor could be renovated -1

With the rising of the second-hand housing, second-hand housing decoration has become hot, floor renovation, refurbishment and other stone renovation also fire up. Floor renovation as a result of cheaper costs, many owners of second-hand housing intended to refurbish the old floor totally. However, according to experts, only the surface of the thickness of 4 mm, the solid wood floor and bamboo floor could be renovated. In addition, the partial renovation of the floor will cause the difference between the old and new, so consumers should not blindly carry out renovation of the floor.

Surface layer thickness must amount to 4 mm

the floor renovation, it means to polish the floor surface layer, to blow the putty, to coat with lacquer, waxing polishing, makes the old floor to be as good as new. Compare to the purchases of new floor, the old floor adapted the indoor environment, the stability is better; The renovation construction cost is also much cheaper.

According to experts, not all floor could be renovated. Strengthened floor surface with a layer of aluminum oxide wear-resistant layer, the renovation would destroy its wear-resistant floor layer, resulting in increased aging of the floor, so the Strengthened floor can not be refurbished. Only the surface of the thickness up to 4 mm, solid wood flooring, bamboo floor could be renovated. Because the floor surface after a few time of polish, it will be grinding out 1-2 mm, if the floor.

surface too thin, it will polished out  and reach to the middle layer, it will affect the floor life, it is necessary to ensure that the floor surface with the thickness up to 4 mmm. Consumers could know the surface thickness of floor from the seller.

It is said “solid wood floor must renovate after 5 years”, the expert has given the denial. “according to service life to judge whether the floor should renovate is unscientific. Some floors maintain well, 5 years later not necessary to renovate,” expert said that “so long as the consumer is unsatisfied,  it could renovate.

The renovation time needs 4 days

the special floor renovation company is few, Most are the cleanliness company to do the job. In order to guarantee the floor renovating quality, suggest to ask the specialized overseeing personnel to supervise the construction.