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not all floor could be renovated -2

The floor renovation divides into the polish, to blow the putty, to color, to coat with lacquer, to apply the wax and polish as five steps. When polish, the dresser should use 40#, 80 # and 120 # sandpaper (the number is bigger, sandpaper pellet is smaller, polish trace stays behind is more not obvious) polishe three times, then blows the putty to level the floor, afterward carry on again to the floor with lacquer or mixes colors processing. Because the outer surface of solid wood the texture is natural, is unable to change, so it can only adjust the floor color the depth.

Before renovating, should move out all items in the room, guaranteed the room is clean and dustless to ensure the coat with lacquer. The floor needs to lacquer twice. First time is base lacquer, second time is surface lacquer,  If after polishing the floor surface still has the slight defect, must brush the base lacquer several times according to the situation . After a paint is dried thoroughly, can brush the next  paint. Therefore the floor renovates needs 4 days generally. In the construction craft, now the base lacquer and the surface lacquer use adopt UV solidified lacquer, which is of environmental protection,  not including the harmful solution, the consumer does not need to worry the environmental protection.

Partial renovates the effect not good

The renovation for whole room's floor will be good, basically can achieve the new floor's effect, but partial renovation actually will create new old difference between floor, with time going, the new old difference will be more obvious.

If damaged, moldy and deformation then these three situations could not carry out renovation. The floor gets moldy and spoil penetrates in generally the floor, after the polish floor surface will have the moldy and spoil spot; floor deformation and damage can not be handled through grinding. If only a small portion of the floor appeared damaged, moldy and deformation,  can use the floor with same color to replace, If you do not have the same color, choose the color is similar, and carries on to it mixes colors and imitates old processing, will be to minimize chromatic aberration. If most of the granite tile have been damaged, or moldy, deformation, propose to re-purchase.