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The stone material polish effect is decided by two aspects -1

The stone material polish effect is decided by two aspects: First, the polishing technology, the artificial external factor; Second, the stone material itself the“congenital” internal cause.

If not to consider the stone material the internal cause, just mention about the polishing craft, some main factor affect the stone polish are the type of polishing agent, like polishing solution (paste), polishe abrasive and grinding tool and polishing technological parameter.

the type of polishing agent     

Although polishing agent is a special kind of polishing material, but the difference between it and grinding material is mainly manifested in the processing mechanism. In principle, there are some low-hardness powder materials can also be used as polishing agent. But usually the polishing agent with high hardness is better than low hardness, and the scope of application is also widely. Diamond polishing powder, can achieve more satisfactory polishing effects for most polished stone.

(2) polishing liquid (cream)    

water is the commonly used polishing solution. It can play the role of cooling grinding, also can be the physical and chemical media during polishing process.

if stone material polishing is by the mechanical grinding function primarily, like the diamond fine powder, the polishing solution commonly adopt oil and the organic liquid the effect is better, like sewing-machine oil. Its cooling, the lubrication and the dispersion are extremely good.

Diamond polishing paste, some are water quality, some are oil quality, and can also be combined with a coloring agent. Its formula is: Abrasive + dispersing agent + carrier + water + coloring agent.

(3) polish disc (tool, grinding blocks)

the polish slab with same size, it is an expression of this kind of processing of cutting and surface polish, most of the kind of processing adopt the hard disc containing metal material as the polish disc. The surface polished by soft disk is easily to become concave surface under pressure. So soft disk is suitable for curve surface polish. Middle hard disc with good abrasive, better absorption, certain elasticity, has better effect for flat type stone.