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stone cutting tool

The existing stone cutting tool, the tool bit is constituted by the sole grade's grinding material, when cutting the rough stone, the cutting speed is quick, the cutting efficiency is high, but the cutting surface fluctuates in a big way, becomes rough, after the cutting, grind and polishing take long time to do,  if use the fine grinding compound, the cutting face is smooth, but the cutting speed is slow, the cutting efficiency is low, therefore the existing stone material cutting tool cannot have the high efficiency to cut the stone which have the smooth cutting surface, in view of this, how to keep the high working efficiency and get smooth cutting surface? The overseas inventor through the ingenious technical idea and the careful design, invented one kind of cutting tool which have cutting and the attrition function.

This kind of stone cutting tool is a technological innovation product, the design structure is novel, it change the use of sole grade grinding compound which is already a traditional manufacture method, it simultaneously used the rough and fine grain grinding compound in the cutting tool different part, ie, by the electricity chromium welded skill, weld the large grain diamond grinding compound on the tool bit top (4050 #)  and weld the tool bit both sides the metal polish fine grain grinding compound which the nominal grade value is one level up smaller than large grain grinding compound (100-120#)

the large grain grinding compound distributes on the tool bit top's display highly effective cutting function, and the fine grain grinding compound distributed in the tool bit both sides display attrition function, when cutting the stone, it will not have the corrugation face and due to its slope elevation difference, it forms the function to have smooth face, this kind of cutting tool's invention has overcome the existing cutting tool defect, provided one kind of stone tool which have high efficiency for stone material cutting and could have smooth cutting face