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Kitchen equipment Technology

Technology 1: The painting (is suitable for any material quality)

 * introduction the special paint used for the overseas space ship surface , thermostable, anti-acid and alkali, environmental protection, antibacterial.

* anti-friction, does not peel off, non-fading, the high luminance.

* original position construction, does not need to disassemble, 24 hours (including construction) then change to new completely

could choose the color freely as will.

* compared to retread and repairs, save time and cost, and patch the breakage.

technology 2: Polishing (uses special-purpose polishing net cloth, this technology is only suitable for the acrylic)

* restores the original brightness and the luster.

* eliminate surface deep scratch and stubborn dirt.

convenient and fast, no noise, not messy and not dirty.

technology 3: retread system special-purpose clean, the polishing series (to be suitable for the acrylic, ceramics, metal, stainless steel, glass, wood furniture, floor and so on)

* rust yellow, aging dirt, mold, fat, soap elimination and scratch repair, surface polish.

* water quality clean product harmless to human body, security, environmental protection.

* lengthen renovating product service life.