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stone surface lustre increase, the technology, this article is refers to enhances the stone material surface glossiness artificially.

Although polishing is one kind of fine intensive processing technology for the stone surface, after polishing the stone material surface presents one kind of bright and clean smoothness, but under certain enlargement factor, still could see some roughness, may distinguish scratch either micro crevasse (grain) or micro hollow (pit). And the micro rough surface for the stone is microscopic convex-concave surface, the micro scratch is the trace which in the stone material processing process leaves behind, especially when polishing powder the hardness is higher than the stone material, it carry the microscopic scratch. The micro crevasse possibly is originally existed, Also possibly is newly occurred. During the stone processing, it occur because stone is a kind hard brittle material,  this relate with stone quality; The Micro hollow (pit) possibly is originally existed, Also possibly is newly occurred.  During processing, it occur as a result of the crystal grain flaking function. In order to reduce the light diffuse reflection, enhances the stone material glossiness, usually the procedure is to apply on stone surface a cover (thin film). Usually use wax, also has the spreading resin or the silica gel. From this point, stone material surface's spreading processing calls the stone surface lustre increasing technology.