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stone surface lustre increase-2


1) stone material surface spreading processing several principles Principles for stone surface coating processing Namely: Artistic, durable, harmless, does not have the pollution.

So-called durable, it mainly refers to the stability after superficial spreading processing. Namely the stone material will not have obviously the physical chemistry change in usually processing, in the sale and the use process. Certainly durable is not equal to permanent. For instance after applying the wax, will the time passing, the stone material surface possibly will become yellowing - - wax oxidation, or will tarnish gradually. This kind of stone material commonly used in home ground decoration, must apply wax frequently for the maintenance purpose.

In recent years, one kind of new stone processing technology which is a craft to crystallize the material surface, it is a method with the synthesized crystal, on the original natural stone material surface grow a layer of crystal body, thus play the role to cover, the effect was very good.

Harmless, no pollution is refers to not to cause injury during the stone material processing, the packing, the transportation and the installment, and to the user, cannot cause the pollution to the environment. Otherwise loses the significance for stone material surface spreading.

2) significance for stone material surface spreading processing

spreading cover on a stone material surface, not only is to cover the stone material hair side, hollow (pit), crack and scratch, enhances the stone material glossiness, but also to protect the stone material from the water or other bad factors, like SO2 and so on noxious gas has corrosive nature to the stone material, thus to avoids or postpone stone material surface oxidation, so to have the protection function. Says from this aspect, stone material surface's spreading processing, is the fine protection technology for the stone material.