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Renovation for stone material-1


All buildings over 100 year to be possible to be called the historical site, these cultural relics are protected because they own the historical value. China's construction always take the lumber as the primary materials, but since 19th century as a result of the political influence, China started to introduce foreign  architectural feature, Shanghai Bund is the most typical, because its all outer walls mainly used the granite to complete, but the interior adopted the marble imported from Italy and the mosaic which has the local place culture.

Along with time going, to renovate some preserved value buildings, it is very important. But the building material could be separated as many kinds, not all materials could be renovated, the stone material, the copper, the iron and so on is the material example which could be renovated.

The renovation for historical site is a specialized technology, renovate for the ancient cultural relic, must retain its original or the function and the design of original, any change or transformation possibly affects the antiques original shape and the value. Nowadays the mostly ancient building take the stone material as the primary materials, therefore the stone material renovated become the important item for the building renovation.