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Natural Granite Tile

Granite is the stone of the modern age. These igneous rocks made by gradually cooling pockets of magma derived from earth’s surface. These stones promise long lasting surfaces. We have been dealing in superior quality granite rocks for many years now. Our clients love to use these rocks in order to decorate buildings. These are also the top choice for flooring, counter tops, vanities and exterior applications. Our superior grade granite slabs are weather resistant.

Granite is also known as fire rocks and formed underground and also above ground. When magma, the melted rock is trapped in small pockets, granite is formed under ground. When these magma pockets cool down gradually, they turn into the shape of igneous rocks. Granite are also formed when volcano erupt.

Our designer patters and mesmerizing colors make it really famous among clients. They look trendy and available in honed, polished, sawn, sand blasted, bush hammered and flamed finish. Our granite are suitable for wall cladding, roofing, flooring and several other interior and exterior applications.