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Granite Bathroom Tiles

Floor tiles look fabulous in bathrooms but if you choose incorrectly then you could end up with a very slippery floor. Now carpet, yes bathroom carpet, soft and warm underfoot but will it work in your wet area? Spend some time reading and learning about bathroom flooring options to ensure that you make well informed decisions on your bathroom floor products.

Before you choose a flooring product on looks alone I advise that you learn about some of the properties of flooring materials and the advantages and disadvantages of installing them in your bathroom.

Comfortable and practical come to mind when I think of bathroom flooring.

With all the health and safety rules and regulations on what you can and can't use in wet areas today it often puts limitations on your bathroom flooring choices, but believe me there are still thousands of fabulous bathroom flooring products you can use for your new bathroom remodel, renovation or makeover.